Senator Alejandro Navarro: “If the Government vetoes the 10% that we will approve in the Senate, Piñera must leave La Moneda by helicopter as De La Rúa”


Very hard on him President Sebastián Piñera was the senator Alejandro Navarroof the party Progressive Country, who rejected the possibility that the Government vetoes the Bill that seeks to allow the 10% withdrawal of pension funds.

“The main responsibility that today we debate the withdrawal of 10%, is from the Government and its insufficient policies to help the middle class and citizens to face the coronavirus pandemic”noted the Member of Parliament for the Biobío Region.

“We warned the Minister (of Finance) Ignacio Briones repeatedly … It is not enough, it is not enough, it is to put a hand in the pocket of the workers. We discussed 10% in the face of the failure of the government’s financial aid policy. And if the Executive wants to veto the 10% Law today, we want to warn that there will be a popular uprising… It would be a political suicide for Piñera and I want to know who is recommending that path ”added the Senator Alejandro Navarro.

The member of the High camera added that “If Piñera vetoes this Project in the Senate or later when the Law is about to be promulgated, what there will be is a rebellion that will end him as Fernando De La Rúa in the Casa Rosada of Argentina, fleeing by helicopter, because I couldn’t even walk through the streets of Buenos Aires ”.

The senator Alejandro Navarro he ended by remembering that “The New York Times in the United States, The Economist in England and Deutsche Welle in Germany have indicated that the government is over, that Piñera no longer governs. So the question is who governs in Chile? And the answer is: the large economic groups that are behind this 10% opposition, and that have rejected the government and also Piñera. “


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