Selinunte: At the Baglio Florio a December of concerts


Archaeological Park protagonist of a month of cultural proposals from 3 to 30 December

Admission to the concerts will cost 12 euros (reduced 8 euros) including admission and a visit to the Park and Museum and the connecting shuttle from the Park entrance to the Baglio. At the end of the concerts, a tasting of wines produced by the Gal-Valle del Belice cellars will be offered. «We aim more and more to consolidate the understanding with the economic and cultural operators so that the regional archaeological parks become tools for the revitalization of the territories. The regional heritage preserved in Sicilian parks and museums – underlines the councilor for cultural heritage and Sicilian identity, Elvira Amata – is a “unicum” that makes our Island exclusive and unique and from which we intend to start to build a proposal that enhances the economic and cultural potential of the areas in which they are located”.

For the director of the Archaeological Park, Happy Crescent, «the intention is to offer a demanding and curious public a series of concerts to be experienced in an archaeological museum which preserves in its showcases finds of extraordinary value that recall the glories of a great and sumptuous civilization of the past . If last summer – underlines Crescente – we made a faithful reproduction of an Aulos found in the foundations of Temple C on the Acropolis resound after more than two millennia, with the Christmas concerts we will bring music into the places of history to continue to enchant our guests”.

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