Self Employment Training at Nava Jyoti College: Nattu Visesham

Self-employment training at Navajothi College

Friday, October 1, 2021 12:49 PM

Small River: Self-employment for students of Small River Jyothi College. She was trained in cake making as part of her training. The training is part of the Women’s Empowerment of the College Women’s Cell. Powered by Blogger. Dr. M. Inaugurated by Arvind.
College Manager Fr. John Kochupura presided. Baby Mol Johnny Touch at Maucot Kunju Homemade Cake Making Center The loan was approved. About 30 students participated in the training.

Students will be informed about the cake making as well as marketing possibilities. ചു ന ൽ കി. Fr. C. Joey Paul, Simna Simon, Stephen Thomas, a. Sudina and others spoke.


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