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Seiko Matsuda “Concert Tour 2023 Parade”The Nagoya performance is being held at Nippon Gaishi Hall!

Seiko Matsuda
Concert Tour 2023
Day1 2023.9.2 (Sat)
AT 4:00 PM / ST 5:00 PM
Day2 2023.9.3 (Sun)
venue Nippon Gaishi Hall

This time,Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Parade Nagoyaof

  • Setri
  • Live impression

is summarized.

Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Nagoya Setri[Parade]

Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Parade NagoyaThis is the Setori.

Request corner songs are only part, acoustic encore is unknown.

01. Rock‘n Rouge
02. Alice in the Land of Time
03. Secret garden
04. Nagisa’s Balcony

//Change Outfit (Heavenly Kiss)

05. Cherry Blossom 2021
*Guitar playing

06. Marrakech
* Drum performance

07. Strawberry Time

// Outfit Change (Wanna Know How)

08. Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~

◯ Acoustic corner

09. Rock‘n‘ roll Good-bye
10. I love you
11. The Brown Mermaid

◯ Request Corner Day1

・Aoi Photograph
・ Shrimp Frya ~ 2023

he, unknown

◯ Acoustic Encore

he, unknown


15. Red Sweet Pea

// Dancer Introduction (Shiroi Koibito ~ Winter Fairy)

16. Blue Coral Reef ~Blue Lagoon~

◯ Medley

M17. Barefoot season
M18. Autumn colors in the wind
M19. Heart earrings
M20. Nicely Once Again
M21. Pink Mozart
M22. Tenshi no Wink

23. Summer Door

☆ Encore:

25. Dear You

© Seiko Matsuda

Click here for the set list so far, the song list of the request corner (only at some venues).

Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Nagoya Gaishi Hall seating chart[Parade]

Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Parade Nagoya Gaishi Hall‘s seating chart.

Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Parade Nagoya Gaishi Hall seating chart

Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Nagoya Report* Impressions[Parade]

Seiko Matsuda Concert 2023 Parade NagoyaIt is a report and impression of.

That’s it.

The next live schedule is as follows.

Seiko Matsuda X’mas
Dinner Show 2023

✓ Performance in Tokyo

Thursday, December 14, 2023
Friday, December 15, 2023
2023/12/16 (Sat)
2023/12/17 (Sun)

✓ Venue:

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

Thank you for watching until the end!

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