Second weekend without carts in Son Sant Joan due to the workers’ strike | Radio Mallorca | Hour 14 Balearic Islands


Second weekend without trolleys at Palma airport due to the strike by the workers of this service. AENA chooses to collect the carts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays because there is no employee to collect or disinfect them. The unions assure that they will continue with the protests until they manage to improve their working conditions.

They ask for an increase in the workforce because there are hours in which there is only one worker to collect and clean the 800 carts in Son Sant Joan. According to the president of the works council, Juan Antonio Santiago, the real victims are the passengers and he also criticizes that AENA hinders them when filing a complaint because they cannot find a trolley for their luggage.

According to Santiago, the company that manages this service ends its contract at the end of the month and it must be assumed by another company. He says that dialogues are already being held with the new company to try to improve this situation. Although they assure that for the moment they will continue with the strike during the remaining weekends due to AENA’s refusal to provide an immediate solution.

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