Second outbreak of avian flu in Monaghan County poultry

A next outbreak of avian flu was learned on a industrial poultry farm in Monaghan County.

The outbreak, amid a flock of broilers, happened in the very same spot in the south of the county in which fowl flu was detected in a flock of 30,000 turkeys on Saturday.

Outbreaks concerned producers prior to Christmas. There is escalating concern that extra flocks will be hit in advance of processing begins in early December.

Hundreds of hundreds of turkeys are envisioned to be delivered to retailers, butchers and supermarkets from the 1st 7 days of December onwards, just over a 7 days away.

On Saturday, the very first flock of 30,000 turkeys was destined for human culling after confirmation of the avian flu virus, H5N1.

The Department of Agriculture verified a next outbreak in a flock in the space on Wednesday night. The department explained the second flock examined good for H5N1 and was also “depopulated”.

It set up a 10km restriction zone to manage the movement of poultry and poultry products in the southern Monaghan spot, and added surveillance actions were set in location. Northern Irish authorities have also ordered that all flocks be housed indoors.

The virus was also located in 49 specific wild birds in 8 counties.

It is extremely contagious amid birds but no human an infection has been noted and the hazard to men and women is considered to be lower.

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