Seasonal “disappeared”, Marcucci’s recipe: “Found at the Enoteca also offering accommodation”

PIETRASANTA. «Many colleagues and therefore not only myself, are still looking for staff for the next summer season. The reason? It makes me think that, in some cases, there are those who prefer to stay at home rather than go to work ». Michele Marcucci, soul and reference of L’Enoteca Marcucci, for 34 years a culinary niche of reference and trend with a privileged view of the historic center of Pietrasanta, has followed the process of other restaurateurs and bar owners: ads, social searches, sector experts, without, however, getting to identify the professional figures, for the dining room and the kitchen, which he needed. “In the end I took an apartment in the hills where I was able to guarantee accommodation for two people, residing in other places, who will be able to offer the type of job I was looking for.”

In your opinion, is the “shortage” of personnel a purely Versilian question?

“I don’t know what to answer, but it is a fact that many restaurants and bars, to date, are still understaffed in Versilia. It is a common problem ».

And had such a situation ever occurred in the past?

“But imagine, in fact, the opposite was true: even before the end of school many girls and boys presented their curriculum, to” make the season “: in short, everything was defined even before, with rare exceptions, that the month arrived on June. After the pandemic, the scenarios have really changed ».

And motives?

“I don’t have a certain answer: as I said maybe someone is better off at home rather than in the workplace because they can still count on subsidies or other things, but I don’t want to generalize. And then there is another fact ».

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«They don’t show up at all: you make announcements, you rely on sector operators, but potential candidates don’t show up, they don’t ask, they don’t come to talk to those who offer that job to you. This is also really strange. And it should make us reflect ».

Isn’t it that, as reported, in some cases, on the other side of the fence, the worker finds himself the worker on duty who imposes hours and wages that are not in line with a regular employment contract?

«I don’t think so: but who today wants to risk a few hours of illegal work, or something else, given that it would be neither ethically correct nor respectful of the law? And in any case I speak for myself: whoever comes to work at L’Enoteca, is guaranteed every right and remuneration. But I do not doubt, of course, even the correctness of my colleagues: restaurants, hotels and bars are all looking, as mentioned, for professional figures available and prepared. In short, I think the employer is the least responsible for this situation ».

How many employees does L’Enoteca have?

“We are about fifteen to date, but the staff is nearing completion. With some positions where the shortage is more pronounced than in others ».

What are you referring to?

«To the wine workers, for example: you can’t find any. After a long time it is a role that I will begin to take care of personally. With the hope that I can find someone to support me ».

Thirty-four years after how much has the historic center of Pietrasanta changed?

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«In reality, my grandparents’ business, linked to wine, had begun even earlier: then, in 1987, the“ landing ”of L’Enoteca with its kitchen. Other times”.

What do you mean?

“I believe that today, in the historic center, there are too many bars, too many restaurants. I don’t think it’s good. But I don’t know how to stem these continuous new openings ».

And from the point of view of hospitality, what is Pietrasanta?

“I can say that the mayor Alberto Giovannetti seems very present to me, but I don’t want to enter into any other kind of speech”.

What summer will it be, Marcucci?

«The bet is not knowing whether or not there will be Italian customers because this presence, from what I see and the reservations that arrive every day, is certain. The question mark is whether the big American, Russian, Arab customers will arrive. And their presence or not is anything but a detail for our tourism economy ». –


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