Season 1, Episodes 1, 2, and 3

Marva (Fiona Shaw)

Marva (Fiona Shaw)
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first scene of Andor Presents something of a mission statement: Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), a soon-to-be freedom fighter, enters a brothel on Morlana One, a rain planet overseen by a corporate security force. , is soon harassed by cockney-speaking cops… sex work? Regional accent?Please believe me This is not your dad’s Star Wars storyAnd for all its serious and predictable flaws, there’s still plenty of time to stamp its mark on the franchise.

gigantic Andor It’s working, and Cassian himself doesn’t long for this world. We know this is her 2 season show and (rogue one Spoilers ahead!) The protagonist has only five years left before dying on Scarif after handing over the blueprints for a brand new weapon called the “Death Star” to Leia Organa. Trilogy.

Despite the ticking clock on proceedings, Andor No hurry. We start with Felix. Felix is ​​an attractive Earth planet, and it appears that barter trades for the scrap metals needed are taking place. Star Wars galaxy. Andor is already living a modest life with her one requirement, the cute droid B2EMO (“Bee”). Bee has better days, needs constant recharging, and occasionally repeats words to skip records.

Season 1, Episode 2 Grade: B+

Season 1, Episode 3 Grade: B+

All the familiar ‌Star Wars Touch and you have some neat choices Andor Promising watch. In the opening brothel sequence (Kassian, who has been a gentleman until now, is searching for his missing sister), he is detained by the men who had previously caught him in a bar. , after dropping the other, accidentally found the blow in self-defense to be fatal. Knowing his only option is to run, he shoots the other cop with his blaster and takes off. Star Wars And, much more surprisingly, one shot from the blaster hit the target.

Disney+ was smart to release the first three installments. Andor All together, it takes quite a while to get there, as it takes time to introduce and complete several mini-arcs that end up being very good cliffhangers. Cassian is pursued by a corporate security force led by bad cop Cyril Khan (Kyle Soller). Cassian kneads enough encampment and silliness in malice to make a great middle-tier villain. He even tries to start an inspirational speech to the team with the words, “Someday…the time will come.”This man considers himself an action hero, and is a well-groomed Wiley. I can’t wait to see him fail like a coyote every time.

Soller is the highlight of the show so far, but the other major player is Bix (Adria Arjona). Bix (Adria Arjona) is apparently flirting with Cassian, even though she’s involved with her work “friend” Timm (James McArdle, another Scot!).then also is it possible No Flirting with Diego Luna or falling for those big sad eyes? Even Stellan Skarsgård’s laconic swashbuckler Luthen doesn’t seem immune to his charms. Luna is an indispensable presence as the leading role, but the character is undecided at the moment and it does not feel like “rough cutting”.Much of the first two episodes saw Cassian go from person to person, explaining his personality traits to him (and us) without really getting a taste of the villainous mischief beneath his quiet stoicism. It doesn’t help that Soller’s Karn is spending the time of his life chewing the landscape as the other half of Cassian. too much Star Wars properties.i am praying Andor You can rely on the freedom this format allows and take some risks here and there.What I deeply admire (and miss) about George Lucas’ divisive prequel trilogy was how it leaned into endless possibilities of Star Wars Wasn’t afraid to get true with the universe strangeI know Felix is ​​a humble place, but let’s put a few weird little guys in somewhere?

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

I have plenty of time Andor To stretch its legs, the hero also needs a tragic origin, as all character studies dictate.The adventures of Grownup Cassian are interspersed, as well as brief flashbacks to his childhood in Kaneri. There are several. (The fact that he’s from this previously unmentioned planet seems to be a big secret for some reason.) Part of what makes him look so young, lost childAbandoned rebels and an eccentric clan in Imperial garb find a ship crashing on the horizon one day. Leaving her sister behind, Cassian goes out in search of the wreckage with her older children. Curiously, the entire crew is dead or nearly dead, their skin sickly. simpsons– Yellow tint. I don’t think this will be the last time we see this kind of poison. But where it came from remains a mystery for now.

Looking through the rubble, young Cassian comes across a pristine B2EMO and scavengers led by Marva Ando (Fiona Shaw!). Mindful of the imperial ships approaching, Andor calms down and “rescues” Cassian, takes him out of his homeworld, and gives it to him. his (and the show’s) name in the process. In the current timeline, there is definitely tension between Cassian and his adoptive mother, but aside from the search for sisters, Cassian bears no scars from being taken from Kenari on Marva. Not intended.

Episode 3 ends with both versions of Cassian leaving home. Young Cassian is about to start life as Andor, and Cassian Her Prime™ is on the run from Felix with Lusen. It’s the emotional checkpoints you’ve earned that make you expect the series to really build. Andor Makes an acceptable case that this story deserves to be told.

stray observation

  • It’s fun to play “Who’s taking this seriously and who’s making that fat Disney paycheck?” on a show like this. Stellan Skarsgård is fine, but Fiona Shaw revolves around everyone in a short scene, and Maarva has something of steel. I’m sure we will explore it more.
  • RIP Tim. I loved you, but you died alive.
  • I love the man in the bell tower banging on that audible anvil.i want that man’s job.
  • I’ll be honest I’m so burnt out with pandering these days mandalorian When boba fett book I half thought Bix’s enigmatic “buyer” to Cassian’s MacGuffin was a strangely aged Harrison Ford or something. What I am saying is that I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Stellan.
  • Another character I had as a potential buyer was Jabba the Hutt.Diego Luna is Repeatedly and Passionately Recorded The slimy crime lord should be at the height of his influence right now about wanting an Andor-Hutt standoff, right?
  • Andor Developed for television by Tony Gilroy, who wrote the first three episodes.was also the director of rogue oneExtensive reshoots of Gareth Edwards (monster, Godzilla)I don’t think Edwards is a modern monster movie. rogue one, and Gilroy was clearly not a hired hand to hack or slash Edwards’ work. This world is tactile and street-level, making a (short) excursion out of a planet’s atmosphere feel all the more spectacular.
  • I can’t express how much I love watching Star Wars Expand the acceptable dialects and accents. We’re definitely in the Scottish quadrant of the galaxy.Here we have Karn’s second-in-command and Tim, that ridiculous, both sporting Celtic brogues.Please, Tony Gilroy, Scottish droids please send it to me
  • Kenari’s scene is brief, but contains dialogue that is simply labeled “(Kenari speaks)” on the screener. I’d love to know if they fill it in, and if there’s something big I’ve missed once the episode is officially dropped.
  • I have a request for that. Star Wars I’m a fan, but this universe vast There are a lot of weird names, a lot of once-mentioned planets, and a 7,000-word Wookiepedia page devoted to them. thank you.
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