Search for dachshund Hannes continues

As reported, the dachshund was able to tear himself away on Sunday, September 18th, while taking a walk near the Borchener Friedwald Nonnenbusch. Because he carries a ten meter long tow line, there is a risk that he may have become tangled in a bush or tree somewhere and become stuck. So he would have no chance of survival.

The area has now been combed with several search teams. Without a result. On Wednesday, Tanja Weidler, who lives in Willebadessen, came with her two bloodhounds, Linchen and Pauli, as reinforcements.

This is 13-month-old Hannes. Photo: Christa Simon

“We combed the wooded area. The dogs have picked up Hannes’ trail. So he moves,” Christa Simon is optimistic that he is alive. “Apparently he enjoys the freedom and follows his hunting instincts,” she says. Luckily it rained, there is enough water to drink.

In this area between Borchen and Paderborn, Hannes escaped. Photo: Google Maps

The specialist Tanja Weidler assumes that Hannes will eventually return to the starting point. That would be the parking lot at Friedwald. Christa Simon wants to set up boxes there and at another location. The woman from Borchen asks that people should stay away from the boxes so that the smell known to the dachshund is retained.

If someone finds Hannes the dachshund in the meantime, you should definitely take him to an animal shelter or vet where his chip can be read. “Finders are obliged to hand over a dog,” emphasizes Pettrailerin Tanja Weidler.

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