Scratching itching and smoothing the fur

[Epoch Times, August 8, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Fang Jinyuan reported in Kaohsiung, Taiwan) On Father’s Day, Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung City specially disclosed the warm-hearted behaviors of the conservationists, such as scratching the white rhino and helping the orangutan. Mao et al. The caregivers provide the animals with the best care environment 365 days a year, and care about their eating conditions and health conditions, and treat animals like children.

At present, there are 11 male caregivers in Shoushan Zoo, who take care of white rhinos, orangutans, meerkats, African elephants, etc. Because animals cannot communicate verbally, caregivers often use close interaction to observe the health of animals and avoid Delays in prime treatment time.

The burly conservator Bai Boyuan took the opportunity of scratching the itch of the white rhino “Xiqi” to check whether its face and rhino horn were safe. Seeing Xiqi’s enjoyment, his roommate “Baby” was also waiting in line at the back, squinting when he scratched the itch! The topic Queen orangutan “Mimi” is always radiant. It turns out that the nurse Chen Yongren will use a bristle brush to help it smooth its hair and use this to check whether it is healthy. He will also collect fresh mulberry leaves to help Mimi add vegetables. Take care to.

The cute meerkat family often grabs the mealworms in the hands of the nurse Chen Yuqi; the Sukada tortoise concentrates on eating, allowing the nurse Ding Jianming to caress; the hippo “Xiangxiang” likes to defecate in the water, so it is difficult to maintain the water in the pool. The staff scrubs the hippo pool and cleans the excrement in the room every week. As long as the African elephant “Ali” hears the footsteps of the conservationist Lin Yuqiang, he will take the initiative to approach and play, so that the conservationist cannot concentrate on being the shit shoveling officer.

Li Zhaoming, the most senior caregiver in the park, has more than 30 years of experience. Looking at the Falabella miniature horse, his eyes are full of love; the caregiver who is in charge of caring for the alpacas, Liu Jiahong, is not only skilled in shaving, but also They will also feed close-up with sika deer every day to observe the animals’ conditions. In addition to helping the African lion “Little Guy” with animal training, nurse Lin Yanmin also fed corn to the crowned porcupine, which is the least afraid of life; nurse Cai Shenghan also interacted closely with the dromedary “Qiangqiang”.

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The rest are the staff who serve in the feed warehouse and the shelter center, who continue to take care of the animals with their unique fatherly love. The garden also expresses its gratitude to them. ◇

Responsible editor: Xiao Pei

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