Scientists have named a food supplement that reduces the risk of death in coronavirus

Experts from the Medical Research Institute of the Hospital del Mar and the University of Pompeu Fabra analyzed zinc levels in 249 adults who were infected with the virus. It is noted that they were treated from March 9 to April 1, 2020.

According to published data, the average length of stay in the hospital for patients with a low micronutrient value in the body was 25 days, while in people with normal values ​​it was 8 days.

In addition, blood zinc levels were approximately 20% higher in those who had the infection.

Experts note that such a prognosis is due to its effect on immune imbalance and an increase in viral load, Izvestia writes.

As Kubanskie Novosti reported, earlier scientists named the vitamin, the deficiency of which is associated with severe COVID-19.

Specialists from the Turkish Medical University in Ankara studied blood samples from a group of healthy people and patients with COVID-19 who are in the intensive care unit in critical condition. It turned out that those infected with the coronavirus had a low concentration of retinol (a bioavailable form of vitamin A), even in the case of taking medications that prevent the body from excreting it.

Earlier, the doctor named groups of people vulnerable to new strains of coronavirus.

New strains of COVID-19 most often appear in the body of people with chronic, oncological and autoimmune diseases, with weakened immunity.

This was reported by an infectious disease doctor Evgeny Timakov. He explained that such people have a reduced immune response in the body, and the virus persists for a long time, circulating inside in search of workarounds for immunity.

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