Scientists have linked the frequency of feeding a dog with its health

More than 20,000 dogs participated in the study.

Dogs that are fed once a day are healthier than those that eat more often, veterinarians from the University of Arizona said in an article in the journal GeroScience. It is reported by World 24.

Scientists have compared the frequency of feeding and the health status of more than 20 thousand dogs. The results showed that adult dogs fed once a day were healthier than those fed more frequently.

“We found that dogs that were fed once a day had lower mean scores on the Cognitive Dysfunction Scale, as well as lower chances of having gastrointestinal, dental, musculoskeletal, urinary tract, liver, and pancreatic diseases. ‘, the researchers said.

It is noted that the frequency of nutrition had no effect on skin, cardiovascular, neurological and oncological diseases.

The scientists emphasized that it should not yet be concluded that one feeding per day will improve the health of the dog. Perhaps the opposite is true – pets with poorer health are fed more often. Experts do not advise changing the frequency of feeding animals until the mechanisms that link this factor and the health of the dog are not fully understood.

Earlier, veterinarian Marina Shmatova said that drugs belonging to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be dangerous for cats and dogs. If an animal takes such a drug, it may develop gastrointestinal bleeding and acute kidney injury.

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