Schoolchildren from the Amur Region will receive several scholarships for participating in the Olympiads

According to Vasily Orlov, schoolchildren will be paid almost 13 million rubles for their successes at the Olympiads.

The number of governor scholarships in the Amur Region is growing rapidly. The regional Ministry of Education and Science has compiled a list of children who will be encouraged for victory and prizes in the municipal and regional stages of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren. This year, 885 students in grades 7-11 will receive payments. This is 150 people more than a year earlier.

“We will pay almost 13 million rubles to the Amur schoolchildren for successes at the Olympiads. At the municipal level, out of 885 winners, 159 will receive two or more scholarships. Seven participants of the regional round can boast of this,” said the Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov. began to take an active part in the Olympiad movement. High appreciation of students and cash payments are a good incentive for children to acquire deeper knowledge, and for the received award they can take new training courses and buy equipment. ”

Recall that the winners of the municipal stage of the Olympiad are paid 10 thousand rubles each, the winners of the regional stage – 15 thousand each, the winners of the regional stage – 20 thousand each.

The scholarship is personal in nature and is paid in a lump sum for each title of the winner and awardee. Thus, Julia Larina, a seventh-grader from Skovorodino School No. 3 in the city, became the record holder for the number of scholarships at the municipal level. She earned eight scholarships at once.

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“Julia participated in all possible Olympiads: Russian language, mathematics, physics, literature, biology, ecology. In the last two subjects she solved tasks intended for ninth grade students. The natural science direction is especially close to her, here, of course, she played a big role teacher of biology, chemistry and ecology Natalya Safyannikova. In addition, in the future, the daughter plans to connect her professional activities with medicine, “said the girl’s mother, deputy director for educational work of school No. 3. Lyubov Larina.” Governor’s scholarships stimulate further self-development not only for themselves recipients of awards, but also those who have not previously participated in the Olympiads. After all, every child has dreams: someone wants a modern computer, someone wants a phone. Yulia has long dreamed of having a purebred dog. Now her dream will come true. “

Six scholarships will be paid to Alisa Sviridova, a tenth grader from Tynda gymnasium # 2, her peer from Tsiolkovo school # 7, Sergei Klimov, and a 7th grade student from Lyceum # 11 of Annunciation, Maria Mikhailenko. The number of schoolchildren who will receive five gubernatorial scholarships is five. They live in Zeya, Svobodny, Romnensky, Seryshevsky and Skovorodinsky districts.

You can get acquainted with the list of recipients on the website of the regional Ministry of Education at the link. Payments will be credited no later than August 31st.

According to the government of the Amur region


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