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College students who have fled after being severely abused by their parents are in trouble, and the trend is drawing attention on SNS. “I don’t really want to get welfare, but that’s the only option.” Even in such a situation, there are young people who could not receive welfare protection just because they were university students.“Is it a luxury to learn? Please forgive me.”The supporters also began to raise their voices.

In the first part, “Cry of a child who escaped from abuse,” I want you to forgive me to study at university, “I told you about the despair of college students who escaped from the abuse of their parents from the actual experience of Ms. Maito Nakamura.

Mr. Katsura Tobita, a lawyer who continues to support children who have been abused, and Mr. Maito Nakamura, who talked about his experience of being abused and having dropped out of college because he could not receive life protection, abused his children.・ As in the first part, we talked about the actual situation of exploiting adults and the need for support.

Teens spilling out of support

This time, from Mr. Tobita’s story, it was found that families in financial distress often have more complicated circumstances than we think.

“For example, when I was a high school student, it was common for mothers to borrow scholarships for their children’s tuition and use them for their living expenses. In Kanagawa Prefecture, it is the children who are obliged to repay the scholarships, and parents Some young people are repaying the money they have spent on their own. Some families have all their children borrow scholarships. At the age of 18, they are already 1 million yen in their lives. I’m in debt. “

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Is it possible to reduce or exempt scholarship repayment? Even when a lawyer spoke on behalf of the government office, he said, “It’s not accepted because it’s a system. I was sometimes offered to say,’If you get a long-term care job, you’ll be exempted.'”

In some cases, parents’ misuse can result in large debts for teenagers. photo / iStock

In some cases, parents bought mobile phones in the name of their children and misused them.
“When I leave my parents (or facility) at the age of 18, I’m told that I can’t buy it because it’s on the blacklist. In fact, there are many children who have scholarships and mobile phone debt. No such problems are known after leaving the facility. ”(Mr. Tobita)

Imagine how much you can hunt down children who are still teenagers in this situation.

Recently, support for independence of abused children and support for women who have received domestic violence (shelter, telephone consultation, etc.) have been improved little by little. However, it is the young people after the age of 18 who have fled the abuse that are swayed by the gap in support.Abused children are usually protected at child guidance centers and orphanages and can be assisted until they become independent, but the target age is up to 18 years old in principle.It has become. Also, in Japan, many people find it embarrassing to receive welfare protection.In the case of girls, there are cases where they rely on men who have been kind to SNS and are eventually deceived and sexually exploited.stay up.

“I think daddy activity is a kind of saucer. Even if you are sexually exploited. There are so many children who are embarrassed and can’t tell anyone because they got the money.In the case of boys, if they refuse to protect their lives, they will borrow money from consumer finance, which is a further predicament.I also fall into this, “says Tobita.

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