Scholarships for Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug students increased

The Ugra authorities have increased the amount of scholarships for students. Growth, depending on the training program, ranged from 136 to 1865 rubles, according to the decree of the Ugra government.

The county government has increased the amount of student scholarships to the federal level.

According to the document, the minimum amount of scholarships in technical schools and colleges has increased from 1,377.2 rubles to 1,513.6 rubles per month. University students will now receive from 4,166.8 rubles per month (depending on the program of higher professional education).

Most of all, the scholarship increased among students who receive education under postgraduate programs for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in the areas of training determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. The increase amounted to 1,865 rubles.

Earlier, Vestnik wrote that the number of state-funded places in Ugra universities increased by 20%. About 3,000 people enter the universities of Ugra every year, most of them – 2.5 thousand students study at the expense of the budget.

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