Scholarship for disability in Edomex: sign up and receive 800 pesos

Students with disabilities, cancer, HIV or diabetes at Edomex can register for a scholarship. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

In this school cycle 2022-2023los students who have some type of disability and who are enrolled in public or private schools of Educational System of the State of Mexico, may apply for program support “Strong Families for Education Scholarship”.

  • The monthly economic support will be 800 pesos on one and up to 10 occasions, according to budget availability and during the 2022-2023 school year

Who can register to receive the scholarship?

Basic level students, initial education, job training, upper secondary and higher education who have some type of disability, cancer, HIV or diabetesenrolled in public and private institutions of the Educational System of the State of Mexico, whose families have economic income below the income poverty line.

Requirements to obtain the scholarship

  • Proof of being a student with disability, cancer, HIV or diabetes at basic level, initial education, training for work, upper secondary and higher in public or private schools of the State Educational System
  • Being part of a family whose economic income is below the income poverty line
  • Reside in the State of Mexico
  • Register your request at
  • Not be a beneficiary of another federal, state or municipal social development program, through which you receive monetary or in-kind support, nor be a scholarship recipient from any private institution
  • Accredit the clinical diagnosis through a medical certificate issued by a specialist doctor, surgeons or general practitioners from public health institutions such as ISSSTE, ISSEMYM, IMSS, ISEM or certificates issued by public institutions of other entities, valid in the year of issuance of the certificate. the call, and must have general data; specific clinical diagnosis, depending on the degree of disability, cancer, HIV or diabetes; as well as the data of the doctor, indicating his professional license
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registration schedule

  • September 1, 2 and 5: initial education, preschool and job training
  • September 6, 7 and 8: primary
  • September 9, 12 and 13: secondary
  • September 14, 15 and 19: baccalaureate, technical professional or bachelor’s degree


  • Registration form to obtain the scholarship
  • Proof of student identity through the National Population Registry (Renapo)
  • Accreditation as a student
  • Proof of residence in the State of Mexico
  • Letter with the monthly income of the person who contributes the resource for the maintenance of the students
  • Medical certificate that certifies the condition of the students of the public institutions mentioned and must contain general data of the students, clinical diagnosis specifying the type of disability, cancer, HIV or diabetes; data of the specialist doctor with his professional license number and, if it is a higher level student, it must include the applicant’s birth certificate, proof of studies with name and CURP, as well as the semester or quarter he is studying
  • Proof of address from the State of Mexico

All the documents, as well as the requirements, can be checked in the official call by clicking here.


The results of the selected students with disabilities, cancer, HIV or diabetes who have met all the requirements and who are eligible for the support scholarship, will be announced from November 14 to 16, 2022 through the official pageclicking on the “Social Development Program ‘Strong Families for Education Scholarship’” section.

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