Scholarship 18: 6 ways to be able to study a career while receiving a scholarship from the Peruvian State

The National Scholarship and Educational Loan Program (Pronabec), the affiliated entity of the Ministry of Educationhas experience in managing to promote the completion of university studies focused on vulnerable populations, which is helpful because it covers tuition and fees, tickets, among other expenses necessary to continue studying.

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The lack of money should not be a limitation to fulfill your professional dreams and for that the State provides educational programs where it provides scholarships for the most academically capable young people, that is why here you get scholarships and credit which you can apply for by fulfilling the requirements of the case.

1. Social Cases Scholarship

It is one for people who have finished high school and for the vulnerable population classified according to the criteria of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations. It is usually delivered annually in 59 social case scholarships. The benefit of these scholarships come from the Higher Education Institutions (IES) that cooperate with PRONABEC.

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2. Beca 18

This program arises from the government of Ollanta Humala and is aimed at students from high academic achievement and in poverty situation, who have entered a state and private university. Two calls are opened every year where more than 70,000 young people sign up for take the national exam.

If you are a beneficiary, the State grants the following benefits:

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