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There will be penalties for directors and conservators

School principals and conservators will be subject to disciplinary action for substituted dictations of the National External Assessment in Bulgarian Language and Literature for 4th grade, which took place on May 27.

The audio file sent by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) was not released in five schools in the country of the students, but completely different texts were dictated. After checking all 57,307 written works of the fourth-graders, about 90 tests were found, which contain dictations with text different from the one in the exam audio file.

The results of the external assessment after 4th grade came out

Five conservators from Stoyan Mihaylovski Primary School in Varna have been warned of dismissal. The reason is that in two of the examination halls the children wrote the trial dictation again, which was held in February this year.

For unfulfilled control and violations with a “remark” was punished the director of the primary school “St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”in the village of Staro Oryahovo. Four members of the school examination commission are also subject to disciplinary sanctions. In this school they had a problem with unpacking the audio file sent by the Ministry of Education and Science with the dictation. Without signaling to the ministry, they used an audio file sent to them from another school with a completely different text.

Here are the answers to the External Assessment in BEL for 4th grade

In the 159th elementary school “Vasil Levski” in Sofia, the exam in one of the halls was conducted with audio dictation by a publishing house, and not with the text from the Ministry of Education and Science. The Quaestor in the Chamber is subject to a disciplinary “remark”. A financial sanction was imposed on the school principal.

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The dictation was also changed in the primary school in the village of Bogdanitsa, as well as in the Sofia University “Aleko Konstantinov” in Lukovit. Checks are forthcoming there.

In the course of the evaluation of the written works, dictations with a different handwriting were established than in the answers to the other questions from the test.

More than 60,000 fourth-graders come for external evaluation

In other cases, the dictation was distributed to fourth-graders on paper and they transcribed it.

The grade from the exam in Bulgarian language and literature in IV grade serves to identify individual gaps and to analyze the learning outcomes at school and national level.

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