savory recipe, simple and quick to make

A tasty and simple recipe to prepare is that of the salty befana’s stocking. An appetizer with a delicious filling that everyone likes

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The salty epiphany stocking it is a really tasty appetizer that everyone likes, both young and old. Her recipe it is very simple to perform; you just need a few ingredients to create a dish full of taste! It is also an excellent opportunity to have fun in the kitchen with your children! Let’s see the ingredients and the procedure together.


  • 2 shortcrust pastry rolls
  • 150 gr cooked ham
  • 4 fat edamers
  • 1 yolk

The procedure for making a perfect and tasty savory sock

Epiphany stocking recipe
Calza della Befana salata (Source: Video Screenshot)

To make a perfect sock of the salty epiphany, start by drawing a silhouette of a it fits on a sheet of baking paper. Take the puff pastry roll and lean on the shape of the sock. Now, cut out the dough following the outline: you will get one giant puff pastry stocking!

Repeat with the second puff pastry roll. At this point, cover the surface of a sheet with cooked ham and cheese. Overlap the other sock and seal the edges well (pass your fingers first and then pass with a fork) to prevent the cheese from escaping. With the scraps of the puff pastry, make shapes (stars, hearts, etc.) and attach them to the surface of the it fits.

Now, brush the surface with the egg and bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° for about 30/40 minutes. As soon as the it fits it will look golden and crunchy, take it out of the oven and let it cool. At this point, all you have to do is serve yours directly to the table salty stocking.

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You have the possibility to choose what type of pastry to use and what type of filling to create. It’s a recipe versatile and that can be made according to your tastes: give free rein to your imagination and you will be satisfied!

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