savings and tax increases to finance the new “autonomy” branch


Responsible for finding a few billion euros to finance the future “autonomy” branch of Social Security, the Inspector of Finances Laurent Vachey proposes in particular to make savings on certain services and to plan several social and tax niches, according to a consulted report. by AFP.

Commissioned in June by the government, Laurent Vachey was responsible for “identify sources of funding” to the height of “1 billion euros from 2021 and 3 to 5 billion euros by 2024“, In order to materialize the reform of”great age“Promised by Emmanuel Macron. Resources that would add to the “fifth branch»Of the Sécu, which must regroup the budgets devoted to the elderly and the disabled, ie 42 billion euros to date according to the report.

To go further, the Inspector of Finances proposes in particular to draw from next year in the kitty of the Retirement Reserve Fund and to redirect part of the income of Action Logement, already in the sights of the executive. But this game of communicating vessels will not be enough to meet the challenges. Laurent Vachey therefore advances “savings measures»On the most expensive allowances, those intended for disabled adults (AAH) and dependent elderly people (APA).

Cut several tax and social niches

It also plans to cut several tax and social niches: tax credit for individual employers, exemption from contributions for seniors using home help, tax reduction for nursing home residents.

It does not further exclude “possible compulsory deductions», Targeting both retirees (increase in the CSG for the better-off, decrease in the 10% allowance for the calculation of income tax) and the working population (less deduction in contributions for high salaries ) and inheritances (increase in “transfer taxes»).

On the other hand, the tracks of a second “solidarity day“- which would nevertheless bring in 3 billion euros – and a”general complementary insurance»Defended by mutuals and health insurers.

The creation of this new branch must be recorded in the Social Security financing bill (PLFSS) for 2021, presented by the government in the coming weeks.

The measures relating to its financing proposed in this report “must continue to be worked on, in consultation with all the partners, in the coming months“, Assured Tuesday in a press release the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.


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