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Anaconda known as a giant snake.
It is said to be the largest snake in the world and is famous as a ferocious reptile that swallows anything with its big mouth.

There are even many panic movies in which Anaconda and humans fight for death.
The poster of the video introduced this time was robbed of his dog by such anaconda.

* This is a re-edited version of the article published at FUNDO on January 3, 2020.

A man confronting anaconda

It was when the posters stopped by the river to drink water while cycling.
When I reached for the water of the river, I heard a dog barking violently.

When I rushed in, a dog was caught by Anaconda and was about to be submerged in the river.
In the crisis of his dog, the man immediately jumped into the river, found the dog and pulled the dog and anaconda out of the river with his friends.

However, that was where the battle with Anaconda began.
And it was from this scene that the video was shot.

Source: YouTube

The man manages to pull his dog away from the anaconda, but the anaconda is tightly wrapped around his body and never leaves.

Source: YouTube

The dog seems to be suffering from being rolled up by anaconda.

Source: YouTube

A man who continues to struggle with Anaconda, trying to free his dog with that skill, with the help of his friends.
Finally, I succeeded in pulling Anaconda away from my dog ​​and rescuing it.

Source: YouTube

The surroundings are dark and it’s a little hard to see, but you can see how happy the owner is.

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Anaconda returned to the river

Source: YouTube

According to the poster, this anaconda was about 4 meters long.
Even if you look at it like this, you can see its size. ..

The dog was safe without any serious injuries other than bites.
And the Anaconda also returned it to the river without damaging it.

The poster said, “I was able to find a dog with the help of God,” but I’m glad that no one was seriously injured and was able to rescue the dog safely.
However, of course, it is quite dangerous to fight Anaconda with bare hands.

In the future, I received comments including advice to always carry a knife with me.

Click here for the video

A man trying to save his dog from Anaconda.
You can see the tension from this video.

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