Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation 2023 Study Abroad Scholarship | Global Komaba

When submitting documents, please submit documents without any defects by the deadline, meeting at least the following conditions.
If even one of the following conditions 1 to 3 is not met, the application will not be accepted.
1. Must be submitted before the deadline.
2. All required documents must be prepared in the prescribed format.
3. Make sure there are no blanks, especially the signature (handwritten signature) section.

In order to be able to submit complete documents, please read and understand the application guidelines carefully and start preparations early.

*Students enrolled in a regular course at the university (excluding students on leave of absence) are eligible at the time of application and throughout the study abroad period.
*All paper documents must be printed on one side in A4 size.
*In addition, please carefully read the internal application guidelines and foundation application guidelines before applying.

*Regarding application procedures:
International Exchange Support チームryugakusei-gc[at] ([at]Please change to @)
*Accreditation, academic affairs, etc.:
Department in charge of the graduate school/faculty you belonged to at the time of study abroad
(Contact information for the graduate school/faculty)

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