Saratov residents were invited to the park for open-air concerts – Region 64

On the eve of the 85th anniversary season, the Saratov Regional Philharmonic named after Schnittke returns the tradition of free open-air concerts.

They will be held from 18 to 20 August and from 25 to 28 August on the “shell” stage in the Gorky City Park of Culture and Leisure. The general name of the events is “We met somewhere”. Concerts start at 18:00.

The Balaganchik Folklore Ensemble will open a series of musical evenings on August 18. The next day, the ensemble of folk instruments “Paraphrase” will perform. The third in the park will present their work pop-jazz group “Mango-express”.

From August 25, the grandees of the philharmonic society – the theater of choral music, the academic symphony orchestra, the Volga-Band wind instruments orchestra – will perform every evening.

“Our musicians miss the audience even on summer holidays. Therefore, the performances of philharmonic groups in the city park, which are supported by the Ministry of Culture, are important for everyone: performers, spectators, the general city atmosphere, permeated with creativity. We remember the performances of philharmonic artists in Lipki, museum estates, city squares and the pedestrian zone. But it is the city park that is the place where spectators always come to concerts with pleasure and without unnecessary persuasion. Come with the whole family,” Minister of Culture Natalia Shchelkanova invited Saratov residents to the events.

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