Sarajevo fado

Damir Imamovic Trio

Mobile Sound Festival – Musicamorfosi

Born in Sarajevo in 1978, Damir Imamović is one of the most representative voices of Sarajevo and one of the best known and loved beyond the borders of the troubled Balkan country. In 2021 he won the prestigious “Best of Europe” Award from Songlines, the reference and “cult” magazine of World Music. The passion of the Bosnian singer is not accidental, as he is the nephew of Zaim Imamović, one of the names that have marked the history of the genre. His performance will lead us to discover the Sevdah or that musical genre, mysterious and fascinating, which many have defined as the ‘Fado of central Europe? for its poignant, melancholy and powerfully expressive character, capable of uniting Istanbul, Sarajevo and Vienna in the space of a song: Central European Europe and the exotic and distant East. Žiga Golob, kemenche, and Derya Türkanm double bass, complete the trio.


In case of bad weather the concert will be held in the hall of Spazio Teatro Invito, Via U. Foscolo, 42 – Lecco.

Municipality of Lecco – Culture and Major Events Service – 0341 481.140

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