Santori blows on the attack on Salvini: “His staff rubbed their hands”


Against the politics of hate. Against the language of fear. Almost a year ago the sardines led by Mattia Santori took to the streets for this. To counter the vulgar and populist policy, according to them, of the League by Matteo Salvini.

Starting from Bologna, in view of the regional elections in Emilia Romagna for months, the minnows fought for equal opportunities, they brought together the “do-gooders who are on the side of the weakest” going straight on their own path on the wave of anti-racism. A battle that apparently seems to be valid only if it follows their current. A few days ago the leader of the carroccio was attacked in Pontassieve, in Tuscany, where he was for one of the many stages of the election campaign in support of Susanna Ceccardi. A girl originally from the Congo had thrown herself against Matteo Salvini in such a violent way that she was able to tear off his shirt and the rosary he wore around his neck.

A gesture of hate. This time, however, from one non-EU girl against a political leader. And therefore it is not valid. You cannot do the same rhetoric that the little fish in the squares liked so much. Not for the sardines. Not when Matteo Salvini is involved.

Mattia Santori from the garden of the Festa dell’Unità di Rifredi, in Florence, he was unable to express a thought of closeness to the leader of the League even upon request. “I won’t soon pass Salvini as a victim”, replied Santori interviewed by . Could it be because this time the victim does not respect the clichés of the left?

“I can assure you that anyone who does politics, even me who doesn’t really do it, happens every day that someone insults you, throws something at you. It’s part of this, Salvini knows… ”minimizes the inventor of sardines. As if to imply that it is part of the game and therefore you can pass over it. Of course, Matteo Salvini came out of the fight unharmed and there was no striking damage to his person. But, if the political slogans of the right suggest violent attitudes and discriminators as the fish in schools have always argued loudly, how can it be argued that minimizing such a gesture does not risk being even more dangerous? Yet the Democrats seem to use two weights and two measures.

Mattia Santori is not limited to this either and goes so far as to say that, after all, Matteo Salvini being slapped could also come in handy. “This trend of passing Salvini as victim which then agrees … Salvini’s staff rubbed their hands when they saw that this thing was happening … “In short, for the idol of the rebels on the left, the Scandicci scene would be convenient for Salvini in terms of visibility and therefore it is right that the gesture is condemned for not giving the possibility that Salvini will take advantage in terms of votes from this event. In fact, the fury against a political party seems to be stronger than the slogans of “peace, love and equality” that sardines have been flaunting on cardboard fish for months.

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