Sant Feliu de Guxols guarantees that there will be Porta Ferrada “in any way”


The City Council of Sant Feliu de Guíxols guarantees that there will be 58th edition Porta Ferrada Festival “whatever.” The councilor responsible for the contest, Josep Saballs, says that at the moment the programming stays “all intact”. He does admit, however, that the consistory and organization work “intensely and unobtrusively” to deal with the coronavirus’s effects. For one thing, because international artists may cancel tours in the wake of covid-19. And on the other hand, because it will be necessary to see how to deal with the possible limitations of capacity “at the level of costs, prams and tickets”. Simple Minds, Ben Harper, Kool and The Gang or Albert Pla are, for the moment, some of the headliners in this edition.

In a statement to Radio Sant Feliu, the councilor has admitted that, for the moment, the priority is for the health emergency in the presence of coronavirus. But he also added that, in parallel, we must look towards the “medium term” because everyone expects that with the arrival of summer, “we will leave this nightmare” and people will enjoy the beach and the two most important cultural events of the year in the municipality: the Porta Ferrada Festival and the temporary exhibition of the Thyssen Space.

Saballs said that for the time being the program of the 58th edition of the contest is still “intact”. Also, with tickets on sale. And nothing has changed since the end of February, when the entire poster was officially unveiled.

Apart from the Scottish rock band, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary on stage with the only concert in Catalonia, in 2020 the Porta Ferrada also includes artists and groups such as Jamie Cullum, Bad Gyal, Paul Weller, God Save The Queen or – already closer – Dámaris Gelabert, Manel, La Casa Azul and the Locomotive Negra.

The Guixol councilor, however, also admits that both the consistory and the organization are working “intensely and discreetly” to be “ready for what may come” when the confinement begins to de-escalate. And at this point, Saballs states that part of the programming may need to be relocated, because it has “been predicted” that international artists, especially from America, may suspend tours if the covid-19 alarm is triggered. lengthen.

At the same time, the City Council is also aware that there may be regulations that limit seating. “And that means that where there were now 3,000 people, maybe that number will be 1,000 or 1,500,” said the councilor. He added, “So we have to figure out how to deal with it at the cost level, artist buggies and tickets.”

“Convinced that we will have music”

Finally, Josep Saballs said he was “convinced” that this summer there would be “music” in Sant Feliu de Guíxols and in Porta Ferrada. “I would not go the wrong way, I would not like to say a number; I am convinced that we will have outstanding performances,” he added, noting that there would be cancellations.

The councilor, however, did remember that the city had spaces that could “reformulate” gauges and be able to “accommodate” different types of shows (not only the Port Space and the Guixols Arena, but also others). “But I do want to move that we will have the 58th edition of the Porta Ferrada, whatever it is, and that we are on the way to the 60 years that will be fulfilled in 2022,” he concluded.


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