San Fermín 2023 concerts: Fangoria, Ana Torroja, Dani Fernández or Lágrimas de Sangre, among the invited artists | leisure and culture


A musical journey through time and an immersion in the most current rhythms is what the Pamplona City Council proposes for these San Fermín festivities on the stage of Plaza del Castillo. From the 6th to the 13th, this part of the city will bring a varied lineup in terms of styles and periods, in which artists such as Fangoria and Ana Mena stand out, as well as Ana Torroja and Dani Fernández.

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The complete poster, which was presented this Friday at a press conference by the director of Culture, Jorge Urdánoz, also includes Lágrimas de Sangre, La Sra Tomasa, Funzo & Baby Loud, Delaporte, Merina Gris and ETS (In Tol Sarmiento). . All the concerts will start at 11:45 p.m., after the fireworks.

With this poster, the Consistory wants the most important musical proposal of the San Fermín festivities to be able to attract all audiences, from adolescents and young people with current number ones such as Ana Mena to middle-aged people and those who in the 80s and 90 were already touring discos and concert halls.

Along the same lines, the person in charge of opening the festivities, on the 6th, will be Ana Torroja, singer of Mecano, and on Friday, the 7th, the musical proposal will be double. First of all, La Sra Tomasa will perform (at 12:50 a.m.), a group from Barcelona that fuses Latin, electronic and urban genres. After them, Lágrimas de Sangre, also known by its acronym LDS, will take the stage (at 11:45 p.m.).

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The only Saturday of San Fermín this year, when traditionally the influx of people to the city is greater, the musical proposal in the Plaza del Castillo will be provided by Fangoria, by the hand of Alaska and Nacho Canut. The weekend will be completed with Dani Fernández, one of the names of the moment, who will attract attention on Sunday, starting at 11:45 p.m.

On Monday, the 10th, it will be the turn of Funzo & Baby Loud, a duet of trap singers from Alicante formed by the brothers Adrián and Juan Carlos Gomis. On July 11, Merina Gris (at 11:45 p.m.) and Delaporte (at 12:50 a.m.), a combo oriented towards more danceable indie music, will take over. On Wednesday, July 12, the band from Alava ETS (En Tol Sarmiento) will arrive at Plaza del Castillo.

The closing of the musical proposals in the Plaza del Castillo for the next Sanfermines will be carried out by Ana Mena, one of the most successful voices of current urban pop.

‘Sound Fermin’

On this occasion, the dance music proposal, which last year was held in the Plaza del Castillo, flies to the Plaza de los Fueros, with two sessions from July 6 to 14. The first, the ‘Afternoon’ session, will begin every day at 7:00 p.m. The second, baptized as ‘Sound Fermín’, will be after the fireworks, starting at 11:30 p.m., every day except the 14th, when there will only be an afternoon session.

After the success of the public in the last edition, the Sound Fermín sessions once again have the participation of national DJs from Cadena 100, Los 40 principales, Europa FM and Euskadi Gaztea. On July 6, José Manuel Duro opens the sessions, with Los 40 Dance Sessions; on July 7th it will be the turn of the Europa FM party, ‘Cuerpos especiales’, with Javi Sánchez. Cadena 100 has prepared its ‘megastar party’ with Sergio Blázquez on July 9 and, finally, on the 12th, Gaztea will bring its DJ Oihan Vega.

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The rest of the ‘Sound Fermín’ line-up is completed with artists like Alex Martini, a Spanish DJ and music producer known for his hits like ‘Dime Bbsita’. Martini will perform on Monday the 10th. Before that, Los Gallopez will do so on Saturday the 8th of July. For his part, Tay de Leon will perform on Tuesday the 11th. The last screening of ‘Sound Fermín’, on Thursday the 13th, comes from Henry Mendez and Carmen Delafuente.

The afternoon sessions of Tardeo in the Plaza de los Fueros begin, on July 6 at seven, with César Gallard, who mixes rock, pop, indie and club music. It will be followed on Friday the 7th by DJ Isis and on Saturday the 8th by Javitron and DJ ESS, who celebrate the party ‘Me leron los 90’s’. On Sunday The djs arrives from Valencia, making way for David G on Monday. On Tuesday it is the turn of Sergio Moya, followed on Wednesday by Javi Varez DJ and on Thursday by Two House DJS, from Calahorra. The closure is put on Friday the 14th by Diego Ares.

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