Samuel Garcia. Photos of Mariana with me “are worth” a fine of 55 million pesos, denounces the INE project

Monterrey, NL.- The governor-elect of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia, described as ridiculous and offensive that the National Electoral Institute, try to impose a fine of 55 million pesos, arguing that his wife, the influence Mariana Rodríguez, had to charge him 27.8 million pesos for the stories and photographs that he uploaded to his social networks during the campaign for governor.

“A few hours ago I found out that the Inspection Unit of the INE He wants to fine me 55 million pesos. When the news reached me, I did not understand why: we won the good way, without cheating, adhering to the law and by almost 9 points, “said the former candidate for governor of Nuevo León.

Through his Twitter account, García Sepúlveda explained: “it turns out that the INE wants Mariana, my wife, to charge me 27.8 million pesos for the stories and photos that she uploaded with me during the campaign. As he clearly did not charge me, they want to fine me 55 million pesos ”.

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He commented in this regard that “it is offensive that they try to put a price on Mariana. It is unfair that the success he has achieved with his work, now they want to turn it into a punishment and an obstacle to his freedom of expression ”.

In addition, he stated, it is ridiculous that, in his logic, the photos and stories of Mariana with me, with her husband, “are worth” 27 million and a fine of 55 million pesos.

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Finally, the governor-elect, trusted that the councilors “will act according to the law and will make the correct decision.”

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The INE pointed out that there is a record of the publication of 45 photographs in the influencer’s profile “that make direct allusion” to García Sepúlveda’s campaign, so once the prices are set at 40 thousand pesos per photograph, an amount is obtained of one million 800 thousand pesos, and of 20 thousand pesos per story when multiplying that amount by 1,300 fixed stories, a total of 26 million pesos is reached.

Thus, for both concepts of stories and photographs, the INE considered the sum of 27 million 800 thousand pesos that Mariana Rodríguez had to charge García Sepúlveda for promoting him on his social networks as a candidate for the governorship of Nuevo León. But because he was not charged, a fine of 55 million pesos would be applied to the governor-elect.



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