Samsung Electronics beat Apple in February… Recaptured the world’s No. 1 with the Galaxy S21

picture explanationThe Galaxy S21 series that Samsung Electronics unveiled in January of this year.

Samsung Electronics regained the top spot in the global smartphone market in February. The’Galaxy S21′ series of flagship (strategic) smartphones released earlier than usual was seen. However, despite the first month of launching the new series, the market share gap with Apple is only 1 percentage point, making the first place somewhat unstable.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) on the 28th, in February this year, Samsung Electronics ranked first in the global smartphone market with a share of 23.1%. A total of 24 million units were sold. Second place was Apple. Apple sold 23 million units, recording a 22.2% market share. In third place, Xiaomi was 11.5%, followed by Vivo (10.6%) and Oppo (8.5%).

Samsung Electronics’ market share in January of this year was only 15.6%, and the gap with Apple (25.4%), which is the number one, was quite large. It was due to the influence of the iPhone 12 series released at the end of last year. However, in February, it recaptured the first place in the market with the early release of the Galaxy S21 series. Even compared to February 2019, before Corona 19 began in earnest, it increased by about 12%. In the past, Samsung Electronics released a new Galaxy S product in mid-February, and then officially launched the product in early March. However, this year, on January 21st, the Galaxy S21 series was first unveiled.

However, the position of No. 1 is still unstable. The difference in market share between Samsung Electronics and Apple in February was less than 1 percentage point. Usually, in February, the effect of Apple’s new product (iPhone 12 series released in November of last year) declined, and the effect of new product of Samsung (the Galaxy S21 series released in January of this year) was reflected, and the gap widened. For many years, the difference in market share between Samsung and Apple in February was usually higher than that of Samsung Electronics by more than 5 percentage points.

In the market, the effect of the iPhone 12 series, Apple’s first 5G smartphone, is expected to continue until the first quarter of this year. Moreover, Apple is aggressively moving to expand its market share by expanding Android phones to used trade-in products for new iPhone products in the US. Accordingly, Samsung is also striving to maintain its market share by reinforcing the A-series with the early launch of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S21.

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