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Heart surgery, two knees, now the adductors: Sami Khedira is fighting for his career, but it is unclear whether he has a future in Italy. His character helps him through a difficult time.

In the Ländle they have to be very strong now, because it looks like the greatest possible Schmonzette this summer will not come true. No, this story is not about a sensational comeback of Mario Gomez, who has just resigned, and no, Jürgen Klinsmann does not play a role here either. It’s about another native Swabian who is not returning. A very fine fellow, to be precise. It’s about Sami Khedira, the world champion with the eternally long medical record.

Until the very end there was hope that the 33-year-old would actually come home – home to VfB, where his professional career began after his early days in Fellbach-Oeffingen. But if you believe Khedira’s current information, it will not work out. On Instagram, he sent a long message to the world that doesn’t necessarily read euphorically. In truth, the former national player reveals his frustration with his sporting career at Juventus Turin. Contrary to many reports about a possible dissolution of his contract with the old lady, he confirms his wish to stay in Italy.

Khedira, who has just won Serie A again with Juve, complains in his post about a “very tough season” for him. Difficult, nerve-wracking months lie behind him, because once again he could barely help out on the pitch. Khedira and the injuries, that is a completely separate chapter of this sometimes painful industry – basically this character kicker is something like the most injured German footballer of all.

“I’m of course enthusiastic about the success of our team and the ninth Scudetto in a row, but everything has been frustrating for me personally since December,” reports Khedira, who only played 18 games during the season. After his operation for cardiac arrhythmias in the winter of 2019, he never got really into shape in 2020 either, the result of two operations on the knee and an ongoing history of the adductors. Khedira, the mentality player that even national coach Joachim Löw dragged through tournaments only half fit, can currently only encourage himself. There are hardly any other indications for a positive development of his career.

“I just expect more from myself,” he now formulates, “but every time you fall you have to get up again. This has been my attitude as a professional for 14 years, during which time I have 20 titles in three of the best leagues Europe won. ” In fact, Khedira’s collection of titles is amazing considering the number of times it was out long. But he just played for the right clubs. Stuttgart at the end of the noughties, Real Madrid at the beginning of the 2010s and now Juventus, where you always win anyway.


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