Salvini’s recipe doesn’t work and the Carroccio empties

The reorganization wanted by Matteo Salvini for the Lega in Calabria it is not having the desired effects. After the bad defeat remedied in Reggio at the last municipal with the thud of Antonino Minicuci and the disappointing result obtained from the Carroccio list, the party seems to have gone haywire. Commissioner Cristian Invernizzi sent away there was great commotion over his replacement by the investiture of the mayor of Taurianova Roy Biasi then blocked in favor of Giacomo Saccomanno, fresh from the bad figure remedied with the decalogue of the behavior to be kept blacks towards the press distributed to the militants.

Long months of confusion that have favored many abandonments. Among the heaviest is that of the MEP Vincenzo Sofo transferred arms and luggage to the court of Fdi di Giorgia Meloni and that is working hard to set up a civic in view of the next regional. In Crotone then it is a real landslide. Besides Salvatore Gaetano, first of the non-elected of the party to the last regional ones in the center district, have now abandoned 4 founding members in open controversy with the federation commissioner entrusted to Cataldo Calabretta.

Even the latter all headed to Fdi to the delight of Wanda Ferro who sees the number of aspirants at his door grow and the contractual weight of his party increases. But confusion also reigns on the upper floors. Matteo Salvini in an interview with the national press he had postponed the discussion on the name of the candidate for governor at the table by insisting on the programs and praising the management of the acting president Nino Spirlì, to then be practically denied by Calabretta himself immediately ready to reconfirm the scepter to Forza Italia and the indication of Roberto Occhiuto.

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The change in government then impressed by the Captain at national level, with the inevitable embarrassments of finding himself in government with the Democratic Party and the Five Stars, did the rest in a Region where the rooting process of the League was still at the beginning and was encountering no few difficulties as demonstrated by the vote against the Northern party that Reggio expressed last October, despite the outgoing mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà came out of a very complicated advice.

In short, a total chaos that is having as its first effect the emptying of the Calabrian Carroccio towards Fdi.


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