Sakura Miyawaki tears at HKT48 graduation concert … Alumni Rino Sashihara & Haruka Kodama also make a surprise appearance “Thank you very much for 10 years!” –Kstyle


On the 19th, HKT48’s first student, Sakura Miyawaki, held a graduation concert at Marine Messe Fukuoka A Building.

This performance is less than half of the 10,000 people who can be accommodated at the venue, in accordance with the event request such as “50% capacity” and the infectious disease control guidelines set by the government in accordance with the state of emergency issued by Fukuoka Prefecture. 4,000 people (SOLDOUT), cooperating with temperature measurement, hand disinfection at the time of admission, and wearing a face shield, held by spectators.

The first song is HKT48’s graduation song “Sakura, Minnade Taita”. All the members appeared on the stage all at once, and Miyawaki’s graduation concert was lively from the beginning. After finishing the opening 5 songs, Miyawaki said, “It’s started. I want this day to come, I don’t want it to come …”, but “I want to run through to the end.” I want to make it a concert that conveys my feelings of gratitude. “


In the unit part, performances are divided for each team and period. The songs that Miyawaki incorporated into the set list with the feelings for each member continued. With Nako Yabuki, who has been working together as IZ * ONE, she performed “While I’m Dreaming” (IZ * ONE song). Similarly, when I received a VTR message from AKB48’s Hitomi Honda, a member from IZ * ONE, saying, “I’m an eternal longing senior,” Miyawaki’s eyes, which I had been passing through with a smile, were moistened and Yabuki also wept.

My best friend, Anna Murashige, is “most of my memories.” Miyawaki was seen smiling gently while shedding tears, taking Murashige’s hand, which was so impressed that he choked his voice from the beginning. The unit part last is “Are you watching the sunset?” With the 1st gen member of the same period. A big applause was given from the venue to the appearance of the seven people who finally formed a powerful circle that had come in countless numbers.


A lineup of solo songs that colored Miyawaki’s idol life. “She” and “Kiss me in a dream!”, The cherry-colored penlight that dyes the venue became a corner that shook even more in the solo performance where Miyawaki’s charm as an idol stands out.

HKT48’s representative songs such as “Suki! Suki! Skip!” And “Melon Juice” continued, and the final stage was reached in a blink of an eye. Despite being unable to make a voice, a surprising production was waiting for the venue to be wrapped in a roaring atmosphere. Haruka Kodama on the “Adult Train” and Rino Sashihara on the “12 Seconds” made a surprise appearance to celebrate Miyawaki’s graduation. Kodama smiled, “I’m happy to spend time together,” and Sashihara cried, “I’m happy to stand (on stage) with Sakihara.” The members were very excited to say, “It’s dangerous! It’s dangerous!” Without the enthusiasm subsided, everyone showed off “Is it the best?”, And the main story was over.


A trail image of Miyawaki’s 10 years of idol life, which began with an innocent self-introduction saying “I want to be an idol that blooms like the name” Sakura “”, is finally on the encore. Miyawaki, who reappeared in a dress, thanked the staff, members, family, and the fans who supported him over and over again after showing “Because you were there”. He bowed his head and talked steadily.

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At the climax, he regretfully performed the graduation song “It’s too early to remember” and the AKB48 single “Kimi wa Melody” selected by the center. At the end, he concluded with “Sakura, Minnade Taita”, which was the first song of today’s performance, and strongly said “Thank you very much for 10 years !!”. Surrounded by his favorite members, he ended his idol life after running for about 10 years.

◆ Comment by Sakura Miyawaki


Sakura Miyawaki: I entered HKT48 at the age of 13, but 10 years later, I turned 23 and graduated from HKT48 today. I’m really sorry and lonely that I was two and a half years away and came back and was only able to work for a month. However, because I was two and a half years away, and because I had limited time, this month was an irreplaceable treasure.

Sakura Miyawaki, a little girl from Kagoshima, is now an idol who is leaving in front of so many people at such a big venue. Looking back on the last 10 years, I’ve never been ranked number one in ranking. But I think I was the number one fan who always supported me. The fans made me such a special number one.


Miyawaki Sakura: I can take a step forward from this place and set out on a different dream because there are people who accept me and always support the path I choose. I think I’ve been an idol to meet my fans. From now on, I want to stay with you all the time, fulfill various dreams, and see various scenery. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you very much for 10 years.

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◆ Comment by Sakura Miyawaki


–Impressions after the graduation concert

Sakura Miyawaki: I was thrilled before it started, but once it started, it ended in a blink of an eye, and it was a really fun concert. It’s full of accomplishment.

–Impression of the moment you stood on the stage

Sakura Miyawaki: I was impressed by the large number of fans gathered at the large venue, and I felt once again that the fans were empowering me.


–About the commitment of the set list

Sakura Miyawaki: I think it’s a set list where you can enjoy my early songs, recent songs, and IZ * ONE songs, and feel my history for 10 years. “She” is my first solo song. I used to sing as a teenager, but I’m still in the middle of my dream, I’m still trying, and the lyrics of “her” give me strength every time I sing.


–Looking back on 10 years

Miyawaki Sakura: Ten years has been really long and I have many memories, and now, when I think back, all of them are good memories. Of course, I cried and sometimes it was painful, but I’ve overcome that, so I’m here now, so I think it’s been a really good 10 years since I finished the concert.


–What is HKT48?

Miyawaki Sakura: Is it a “family”? I think I’ve spent the last 10 years longer than my family, and I think we’ve all been able to overcome the difficult and happy things, and I think we’ll never be able to meet such an important companion for the rest of our lives. Because I think. I’m graduating, but I want to keep in touch like a family even if I’m away, and I want to be friends forever.


–To fans

Sakura Miyawaki: Thank you to all the fans for seeing today! It was a really quick concert since it started, and there was a moment when I thought it would be great if this time could last a lifetime, but I think I was able to show the culmination of what I did at HKT48 at this concert. I think. Thank you so much for your love and excitement for 10 years. I hope that you will continue to support me on your side. Thank you again for 10 years.

・ Sakura Miyawaki’s graduation song “It’s too early to remember” MV short version released … It will be delivered from June 20th!

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・ Sakura Miyawaki appointed as Japan Muse of “Kerastase” series! In commemoration of his inauguration, an instagram will be held on June 23 (with video)


[Performance outline]
“Sakura Miyawaki HKT48 Graduation Concert ~ Bouquet ~”
Date and time: June 19, 2021 (Sat), start at 18:00

M0 overture(HKT48ver.)
M1 Sakura, everyone ate (ALL)
M2 I like you Yaken (ALL)
M3 Hatsukoi Rose Fly (ALL)
M4 fast forward calendar (ALL)
M5 Kiboteki Refrain (ALL)
M6 Mammoth (Miyawaki, Akiyoshi, Ito, Ueno, Ueshima, Shina, Sakaguchi, Tajima, Tanakami, Toyonaga, Matsuoka, Mizukami, Yabuki, Watanabe)
Before M7 Natsuno Mae (Miyawaki, Ishibashi, Imada, Unjou, Kumazawa, Shimono, Takemoto, Jitoe, Baba, Fuchigami, Murashige, Motomura)
M8 Sky Ear Lock (Miyawaki, Aramaki, Imamura, Oda, Kurihara, Sakai, Ai Sakamoto, Shimizu, Ishi, Takeda, Gaiso, Matsuoka, Matsumoto, Miyazaki, Murakawa, Yamauchi, Yamashita)
M9 Until my feelings become a rainbow someday (Miyawaki, Tanaka Mi, Matsuoka)
M10 While dreaming (Miyawaki / Yabuki)
Bambi in M11 uniform (Miyawaki, Ishibashi, Unjou, Ueshima, Takemoto, Mizukami, Watanabe)
M12 Koto and Dialogue (Miyawaki, Aramaki, Imamura, Oda, Kurihara, Sakai, Ai Sakamoto, Shimizu, Takeda, Jitoe, Toyonaga, Gaiso, Matsumoto, Miyazaki, Murakawa, Yamauchi, Yamashita)
M13 LOVE TRIP (Miyawaki, Ishibashi, Ito, Ueshima, Ishi, Takemoto, Baba, Mizukami, Watanabe, Ichimura, Kawahira, Kuriyama, Goto, Sakamoto, I Tanaka, Murakami)
M14 Jiwaru DAYS (Miyawaki, Matsuoka, Motomura)
Meaning of M15 Goodbye (Miyawaki, Akiyoshi, Imada, Ueno, Kumazawa, Shina, Sakaguchi, Shimono, Tajima, Fuchigami)
Most of M16 memories (Miyawaki / Murashige)
M17 Are you watching the sunset? (Miyawaki, Imada, Kumazawa, Shimono, Matsuoka, Murashige, Motomura)
M18 she (Miyawaki)
M19 Dream and Kiss me! (Miyawaki)
M20 love! Love! skip! (ALL)
Only from M21! (ALL)
M22 Wink 3 times (ALL)
M23 Melon Juice (ALL)
M24 Adult Train ALL / Haruka Kodama (graduate)
M25 12 seconds ALL / Rino Sashihara, Haruka Kodama (graduate)
M26 is the best (ALL) / Sashihara / Kodama
EN1 Because you were there (Miyawaki)
EN2 It’s too early to remember (ALL)
EN3 Kimi wa Melody (ALL)
EN4 Sakura, Minnade Taita (ALL) / Sashihara / Kodama

■ Release information
Sakura Miyawaki graduation song “It’s too early to remember”
Delivery starts from 00:00 on Sunday, June 20, 2021
Various distribution sites:

■ Event information
“Sakura Miyawaki Send-off Party”
Reminder date: June 27, 2021 (Sun)
Venue: West Japan City Bank HKT48 Theater

■ Related sites
HKT48 official website ::


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