Sakhalin oilman – The famous Sakhalin violinist will give concerts in Okha and Nekrasovka

Alexander Lopatin will present a new solo program “The Color of the Night”.

On December 4, a concert of the famous Sakhalin violinist Alexander Lopatin will take place at the Okha Regional Palace of Culture. He will present the Okhintsy (and later the Nekrasovites, a concert is also planned in the village) with a new solo program “The Color of the Night”.

For many years Alexander Lopatin has been a member of perhaps the most famous Sakhalin chamber group “Divertissement”, and two years ago he headed it. Oleksandr is familiar to the people of Okhina, he came to Okha as a member of the Divertissement, though it was quite a long time ago: “I won’t name what year now”.

“Divertissement” is actually Alexander’s family business. More than 20 years ago, the ensemble was created by his parents – Natalia and Vladimir Lopatin. They were the heart and soul of the collective, which shone first as part of the Chekhov Center collective, and then the Sakhalin Philharmonic. After Natalya Muratovna died in 2018, Alexander became the head of the ensemble.

“The color of the night” is a special program. In it, Alexander showed himself in all forms – both as a violinist, and as an arranger, and as a composer. Here he is alone with the audience.

The program was shown for the first time on November 21 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, now the Okhintsy will be able to listen to it.

“Color of the Night” consists of a wide variety of genres and works. Soundtracks from famous films – “Titanic”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Color of the Night”, “Tehran-43”, “Day Watch” will be performed. The program even includes “Elven Song” from the anime of the same name.
Another part of the program is compositions from the repertoire of pop stars, both Russian – Philip Kirkorov, Dima Bilan, Batyrkhan Shukenov, Valery Meladze and Grigory Leps, and Western ones – Michael Jackson and even rockers from Nirvana.

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Of course, it will not do without classical music – Antonio Vivaldi.

But nevertheless, the heart of the program will be very personal, author’s compositions by Alexander. For example, he wrote the song “About Mom …” two years ago and dedicated it to the memory of Natalya Maratovna Lopatina. And the work “Let go. Forget. Live ”, the musician created specially for the concert“ Color of the Night ”.

A conversation with an audience led by a violinist, through music, at a concert can become an ordinary conversation. At the premiere of the “Color of the Night” program in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Alexander talked a lot with the audience. Between numbers, they could walk up to the microphone and ask him questions. Alexander expects such communication from the Okhintsi too.

“Experience has shown that the concert only benefits from such communication, it becomes more interesting. The main thing is that the audience should not be shy and express their emotions, feelings and ask what they wanted to hear from the musician, ”says Alexander Lopatin.