Sakhalin oilman – Okha schoolchildren played in KVN

They joked about science and technology.

In Okha, in the House of Childhood and Youth, the KVN School League game was held. Four teams competed in jokes.

The game had its own theme – science and technology. Recall that the outgoing year 2021 in Russia was devoted to this particular area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

The jury of the “School League of KVN” was headed by Olga Klimavichus, consultant of the Department for the Functioning and Development of Education of the Department of Education.

Okha teams passed three competitive tests – greeting, warm-up and homework.

The jury awarded the first place to the Yunarmiya team (House of Childhood and Youth). School No. 7 was on the second place, the top three winners were closed – representatives of the first school.

The winners received cups and gifts.