Sakhalin found the dog Lola, who survived the flayers and ran away after the fox – News of the Sakhalin Region

On the fourth day, the search for Lola’s dog in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ended in success – the fugitive was found by employees of the Sakhalin Bacon base. They contacted the owner of the dog.

– Yesterday they ransacked the whole forest for three days. On the fourth day I drove there again, did not find it and went to work. In the evening, they called from the Sakhalin Bacon base and said that a dog similar to yours was running around our territory. I was in Kholmsk, quickly flew here to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The base guard took us to the backyard where Lola was running around. She recognized us, she was so joyful. At home, she quickly grabbed her toys, folded them next to her and fell asleep, – said the owner of the dog.

  • As previously reported, Lola ran away on June 18 at about 8 am near the village of Yolochki, SNT “Svyazist”. She went outside, saw a fox and tried to catch up with her.

  • A year ago, our editors wrote about the miraculous rescue of this animal – it was found as a puppy in a tied plastic bag in Dalniy. Only she survived.

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