Saint-Étienne: the gilding of Christ of the Cross of Mission inaugurated


It was in the presence of Monsignor Sylvain Bataille, Gaël Perdriau and a number of elected officials, and Georges Ziegler, president of the Department, that, on Monday evening, the gilding of Christ of the Cross of Mission, the most high Christian cross of France, Eiffel type.

The metal structure of the cross underwent between 2019 and 2020 renovation work, financed by the city, while the association ARCO (Association for reflection of consultation and openness) launched a sponsorship operation for the gilding of Christ in fine gold, which we owe to the Parisian Gohard workshops.

One of the city’s assets

And Jacques Stribick, general delegate of ARCO, recalled, during his speech, that it took a lot of tenacity to stand out in order to promote one of the city’s assets, this Croix-de-Mission, erected in 1895 following the plans of the architect Joannès Chaumarat wanting to be “a geocultural monument, witness of the industrial genius of Saint-Etienne”. It is also a second remarkable point of view on the city which should be highlighted by the installation of guardrails, an access ramp, paving and an explanatory panel.

While waiting for authorized access for the public, the cross will soon be highlighted by floodlighting.

Ideas to promote the city

While Marie-Eve Maret, President of ARCO thanked all those who participated in the enhancement of this monument and listed the donations of 71 patrons, Jaques Stribick spoke of the association’s 4 emblematic proposals for the enhancement of the city: the site of the Charity which can become a flagship of urban attractiveness, the Ursules, the development of an international festival of comedy arts and the creation of an extraordinary garden on the site of the Doa. Four think tanks have already been set up within the ARCO association to establish specifications.

Built on the hill of the Fathers by public subscription launched in 1895, previously renovated 40 years ago, the Croix-de-Mission watches over the city.

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