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Medieval and early Renaissance illustrations show elongated dogs with short legs hunting badgers. Surely these were precursors to today’s dachshunds, badger dogs from Germany. They were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885 and grew in popularity in the years that followed, even as badger hunting all but disappeared. The other qualities of dachshunds, their playful energy and friendliness, ensured their continued success. They made it to the 6th most popular dog at one point and are now 13th.
Dachshunds are brave and friendly dogs from the hound group, which means they were bred as hunters. In fact, in German, the breed’s name means badger dog, which refers to its ability to sniff out and search for badgers. They still have a keen sense of smell and excellent stamina.
Scientific Name: Canis lupus familiaris
Features: Alert and feisty, this dachshund figurine is a perfect representation of the popular breed, showcasing the playful face and toned muscles that make the energetic dog so likable.
The Dachshund is part of the Best in Show collection
All of our products are non-toxic and BPA free.
Dimensions: 9L x 4.75H
Dimensions: 3.54L x 1.87H

Safari ltd Dachshund Figure It has the best manufacturing qualities and the official guarantee of the brand Safari ltd. If you are interested in purchasing this item from children you should know their measurements are 5x10x cm. and its weight is 0.10 kg. (in its original box). Right now Safari ltd Dachshund Figure is in stock at kidinnyour online store children.


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Perfect size and very cute!

Perfect size and very cute!




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Great figure and perfect for what I needed it for! Will buy again! X

Great looking figure and perfect for what I needed it for! Will buy again! X

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