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Sae Miyazawa

TOKYO FM’s radio program “Tokio Marine & Nichido Side By Side” (every Saturday from 15:30 to 15:55) where Toshiaki Megumi serves as a personality. Each week, we invite various guests to talk about “always around us” through the encounters, words, music, etc. that the guests have nurtured.

The broadcast guest on Saturday, January 7th and Saturday, January 14th is actress Sae Miyazawa. In this article, we introduce the contents of the broadcast on the 14th (Sat). Mr. Miyazawa, who appears in the musical “King Arthur”, talked about the work and “she is always close to me”.

Toshiaki Megumi and Sae Miyazawa

Born in 1990, Mr. Miyazawa from Tokyo. In 2006, she passed the AKB48 second term additional member audition. In October of the same year, she became a selected member for AKB48’s major debut single “Aitakatta”. Since she graduated from the AKB group in 2016, she has been active in musicals and on stage. She will appear in the musical “King Arthur” scheduled to be performed at the New National Theatre, Tokyo.

◆ Spending time with your dog is “more than anything else, a silver bullet”

In the previous broadcast, Mr. Miyazawa talked about episodes related to “idol” and “experience at Earth Gorgeous” as “always around”, and the third thing he mentioned was “pet dog”.

A dog that often appears on Miyazawa’s SNS. Until now, the name has been kept “secret”, but on the occasion of the dog’s birthday in 2021, it seems that the ban on “part of the name” has been lifted.

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“Every year, I’m going to publish one English spelling of my name one by one (laughs). Right now, only ‘P’ has been published, so it’s P-chan,” said Megumi. It made me laugh.

Mr. Miyazawa, who is healed by his daily life with his dog, said, “More than anything else, it’s a silver bullet. I always feel that ‘animals have great power.'”

Miyazawa’s pet dog

The musical “King Arthur” starring Mr. Miyazawa is a Japanese version of a French musical based on the legend of King Arthur, which has been widely spread in Europe. Miyazawa will play Guinevere, Queen of King Arthur.

Regarding this work, which has the theme of “human choice,” he said, “It depicts the strong will of humans to overcome fate and the pattern of love. There are elements of fantasy, but it fits well with the modern story. I have something I can link to.” He also mentioned the music, dance, and sword fights as highlights, commenting, “It’s intense and cool, and there are various battle scenes, so I’d like you to watch it.”

In the program, he also talked about what he wants to do in 2023 and the turning point when he jumped into the world of musicals. Please check it out at radiko time free!

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