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In the afternoon, two simple ingredients

Introducing stir fry ~

The ingredients used are peppers and shiitake mushrooms!

Fry these two for a spicy sauce

Once entwined, it’s done!

Spicy to survive the heat

It’s a side dish for rice ~

٩ (๑ᵒ̴―̷͈̀ ωᵒ̴―̷͈́) و ̑̑ ✧ Ye ~ i.:*

◽︎Materials (for 2 people) ◽︎


Raw shiitake mushroom 100g

1 bag of bell peppers (4-5 pieces)

1 tablespoon of salad oil

◎ 1 tablespoon of sake and soy sauce

◎ Gochujang, cane sugar (sugar), garlic (grated) 1 teaspoon

1 teaspoon of sesame oil (for finishing)

A pinch of white sesame seeds

◽︎ How to make ◽︎


1: Mix the seasonings of ◎

2: Cut the shiitake mushrooms in half by dropping the stones, and remove the seeds and cotton from the peppers and cut them into bite-sized pieces (about 4 equal parts).

3: Add shiitake mushrooms to a frying pan heated with salad oil and fry over medium heat. When it becomes soft, add peppers and fry.

4: When the peppers are brightly colored, turn them to high heat, add the seasoning of 1 and entangle them quickly, and add sesame oil to finish.

5: Serve on a plate, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and you’re done!

◽︎ Tips and points ◽︎


First, cook the shiitake mushrooms carefully, then fry them quickly and entangle the sauce!

Please adjust the amount of gochujang to your liking!

Finish with sesame oil for a fragrant finish ♬


I have posted recipes with images and recommended recipes on my blog.

Spicy stir-fried shiitake mushrooms and peppers ♡[#Easy recipe #Stir-fried food]: sachi official blog

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