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Nogami makes with beautiful raw bread

Introducing a hearty sandwich ~ ♬ ︎ *.: *

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Yesterday’s high-class raw bread Nogami is …


For millefeuille cutlet sandwich

Transformed ~ ´ ³` °) ♬ ︎ *.: *

Layer thinly sliced ​​pork loin

Put on the batter and fry

With plenty of shredded spring cabbage

Completed after sandwiching ~ ☘✨

Volume perfect score!

Soft and juicy

With Milfyu cutlet

With soft and crispy spring cabbage

It’s a sandwich with excellent compatibility ♡

It’s thick and volumey

Because the cutlet and cabbage are soft

It’s easier to eat than it looks


Fill your mouth

happinessWhenspringSpreads ~ ♡


↑ It came out when I converted it in spring lol


◽︎Materials (for 3 people) ◽︎


3 pieces of spring cabbage (sliced)

12 slices of pork loin

6 slices of bread (6 slices)

Appropriate amount of salt and pepper

Raw bread crumbs (bread crumbs) Appropriate amount

Frying oil appropriate amount

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

2 tablespoons each of ketchup and worcestershire sauce

◽︎ How to make ◽︎


1: Sprinkle salt and pepper on thinly sliced ​​pork loin and stack 4 pieces at a time.


2: Mix the ingredients of the batter liquid and let 1 dive in each


3: Add bread crumbs


4: Put about 1 cm of frying oil in a frying pan and heat to 170 ° C, then put 3 and fry on both sides.


5: Put it on the net and drain the oil.


6: Apply mayonnaise on half of the bread and a mixture of ketchup and worcestershire sauce on half.


7: Place shredded cabbage on bread with mayonnaise.


8: Put 5 on the shredded cabbage


Place the rest of the bread on top of 9: 8 (wrap it in a wrap and let it sit for a while to get used to it)


10: Half cut ♬


◽︎ Tips and points ◽︎

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Cut the spring cabbage into thin strips, soak it in water, and drain it when it’s crispy.

Since it is a voluminous ingredient, it is recommended to cut 6 slices of bread with a certain thickness.

* This is also recommended *

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