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I made it for my son’s lunch

Introducing soba ~ ´ ³` °) ♬ ︎ *.: *

My son

Says that he likes the best soba noodles

He is a bitter son!Lol

The soba noodles introduced this time

With the taste of pork and the thickness of nameko

It ’s delicious soba ♬

Because I use mentsuyu

Very easy ♬ * ゜

◽︎Materials (for 2 people)◽︎


For 2 buckwheat noodles

Pork belly 100g

Nameko 1 bag

1/4 green onion

◎ Mentsuyu (3 times concentrated) 100ml

◎600ml of water (3cup)

◎ 1 tablespoon of sake

◎ 1 teaspoon mirin

◽︎ How to make ◽︎


1: Cut the green onion into thin slices with a width of 1 cm, cut the pork into 3 cm width, and rinse the nameko with running water to drain it.

2: Put ◎ in a pan and heat it. When it boils, add pork and nameko and heat until the pork becomes whitish to remove the lye.

Add green onions to 3: 2 and boil, then turn off the heat.

4: Boil the soba in hot water, put it in a bowl, sprinkle 3 on it, and it’s done!

◽︎ Tips and points ◽︎


Please sprinkle Shichimi or Ichimi as you like ♬

Mentsuyu with 3 times concentration is easy and has a great taste, so add sake and mirin to supplement the taste ^^ *


I have posted recipes with images and recommended recipes on my blog.

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