Russia’s Burevestnik Nuclear Cruise Missile Has Roaming Time …



LONDON – The head of British defense intelligence, Lieutenant General Jim Hockenhull, has warned that Burevestnik cruise missile nuclear powered Russia can remain in the atmosphere for several years if necessary and can pose a threat at any time.

“Moscow is testing a sub-sonic nuclear-powered cruise missile system which has a global range and will allow attacks from unexpected directions,” Hockenhull said at a press conference at the Five Eyes intelligence center, as quoted by the newspaper. Sunday Telegraph, Monday (14/9/2020). (Read: NATO agrees to fight Russia’s increasingly sophisticated nuclear-capable missiles)

“The Burevestnik missile has an almost indefinite run time,” said the British defense intelligence boss. He also noted Moscow’s investment in its submarine and shipping capabilities, adding that this would provide the Russian armed forces with the ability to attack military and civilian infrastructure.

“These capabilities together allow Russia to hold Britain and its allied civilian and military infrastructure at risk of direct attack with either conventional explosives and nuclear weapons, limiting options or increasing the stakes during times of crisis,” continued Hockenhull. (Also read: The S-500, Russia’s Missile Defense Capability Modifying Space Weapon)

The Burevestnik cruise missile is one of six new strategic weapons launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2018.

Meanwhile, the Five Eyes intelligence alliance consists of intelligence agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Britain and the United States (US).


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