Russians were told how to behave when meeting aggressive dogs

The Russians were told how to avoid being attacked by stray dogs on the street, as well as how not to raise an aggressive animal at home. Anatoly Kotenko, a cynologist, a specialist in correcting aggressive behavior in dogs, shared his professional advice, RIA FAN wrote.

The specialist noted that the most important thing when meeting an aggressive dog on the street is not to enter the territory where it lives. Within its home, the animal is most confident.

“You need to understand that dogs that are outdoors tend to have a weak nervous system. Their aggression is shaped by distrust. If the dog is weak, at the sight of a person it demonstrates avoidance behavior – it runs away to a safe distance. If the dog is confident in itself, it does not run away, but drives it out. Especially if it is on its territory, in a flock, if it protects its offspring or food supply. Here the first recommendation is to try not to enter the territory where they live. The likelihood of an attack in such places is higher, here the dog feels its confidence, ”he said.

Kotenko added that in the event of a collision with dogs in industrial or uninhabited areas, it is important to stay put, looking the animal in the eye. In some cases, if there is a wall nearby, you can lean on it so that the dog cannot attack from behind. This is a certain psychological pressure that animals cannot withstand. But you cannot throw stones or other objects at them, since these actions will only increase the aggression.

For those owners whose dogs rush at people, Kotenko advises to educate them not through pressure and punishment, but through respect and kindness.

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“If you spank a puppy from childhood, mistrust is formed in him. He grows up with the thought that the owner is dangerous. When the dog grows up, it shows the opposite reaction – aggression towards its owner, ”the dog handler concluded.

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