Russian colleges are included in the action “We are Near”

Russian colleges are actively participating in the “We Are Near” campaign to provide assistance to Russian servicemen participating in a special military operation. As part of the campaign, students from 167 colleges sew and make things for those mobilized into the Russian army. The action “We Are Near” is carried out by the Ministry of Education of Russia, the Russian Movement of Children and Youth, the Russian Commonwealth of Colleges.

In two weeks, students have created more than 11,000 sweatshirts, sets of thermal underwear, sleeping bags, balaclavas, gloves and hats. In addition to warm clothes, colleges produce stoves for heating soldiers in the trenches, tactical frameless stretchers, backpacks, camouflage robes, pouches for first aid kits.

The number of college students participating in the action is constantly growing, uniting thousands of people. They transfer all finished products to the regional headquarters of the #MYVMESTE action, which send parcels to Russian servicemen participating in a special military operation.

Teachers, schoolchildren and their parents, who provide humanitarian assistance and support to Russian military personnel, actively participate in the #MYVMESTE action. As part of the All-Russian campaign “Kind Letters”, which was launched by the Russian Movement of Children and Youth together with the #MYVMESTE headquarters, the guys send letters with warm wishes and sincere words of support to the participants of the special military operation.

The #MYVMESTE campaign is an all-Russian project to help citizens during crisis situations, which is organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). As part of the action, volunteers provide targeted support to the families of the mobilized, as well as advise them on legal issues, form humanitarian kits and parcels. Volunteer headquarters #MYVMESTE work in all regions of Russia.

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