Russia on Navalny’s return: he can go and come back just like any citizen


– Every citizen of the Russian Federation can leave and come back to Russia – said Peskov. Asked whether the authorities are satisfied with the opposition’s decision, given the great publicity around his state, Peskov replied that “if the Russian citizen recovers, of course, everyone will be pleased with it.” It is, he emphasized, about human life.

Peskov made a reservation that the Kremlin was not closely following reports on the health of the opposition activist.

Asked whether Navalny’s return may meet with the president Vladimir Putin be representatives of its administration, the Kremlin representative replied in the negative. He was convinced that “there is no need for such a meeting” and that it will not take place.

– Russia was and remains absolutely open to cooperation and cooperation in explaining what happened with Navalny Putin’s spokesman assured. At the same time, he assessed that in order to make progress in investigating this matter, Russia needs cooperation from Germany, consisting in the transfer of Navalny’s biological materials.

Peskov said that Russia had not received a reply from the German side and that the situation “raises many questions.”


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