Run over and killed while taking the dog for a walk in Naples: the residents

Run over and killed in Naples

Run over and killed while taking the dog for a walk in Naples. Borrelli meets the residents of Piazza Sannazzaro who report: “It is not a coincidence, we have been asking to restore that traffic light for a very long time“. The adviser of Green Europe: “Despite the alarm raised, only late interventions. It is time for you to think about security and justice”.

Run over and killed while taking the dog for a walk

After Elvira Zibra the Naples seafront has claimed another victim: Eng. Giuseppe Iazzetta who on Sunday morning was thrown away, as he was crossing Piazza Sannazzaro with his dog on the pedestrian crossing, by a car moving at high speed.

The man died in Cardarelli where he was taken in critical condition. The residents of Piazza Sannazzaro now raise their voices and demand safety before high speed and recklessness cause more deaths. A new public initiative is being prepared to commemorate the umpteenth victim of road pirates. For this reason, the Regional Councilor of Europa Verde Francesco Emilio Borrelli met a representative of the inhabitants of the square:

The traffic light since it was relocated only emits a flashing yellow light. We had been reporting this for some time and if we had intervened, maybe the engineer would have saved his life. Instead, nothing is done here, so it cannot be said that it was a fatality.
I am an indignant citizen in the face of the inefficiency / insensitivity of those responsible. Two deaths shortly afterwards on the waterfront are not enough to move those who manage the city viability“.

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Elvira and Giuseppe are two victims who would have been saved if only they had listened to us because we have been denouncing this situation for years. Citizens’ safety, justice and life must be protected, while the fools who whiz through the city streets at full speed must be fought. Enough with late interventions, prevention must be done”- the words of Borrelli.

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