Rumor: Ray Park is in deep trouble for returning as ‘Star Wars’ villain Darth Maul


Since rumor has it that Darth Maul will have more to do in the Star Warsfranchise (where Solo: A Star Wars Movie with the end hinting of course), fans are looking forward to that Ray Park returns as the villain. But that chance seems to be getting smaller.

According to Latino Review Movie, Disney and Lucasfilm consider moving on and doing Darth Maul without Park. No confirmation has yet been received, but it seems to be correct.

Ray Park in action
Ray Park recently posted some pretty bizarre material on his Instagram. For example, he showed a photo of a woman who is satisfying him and placed material around his wife that really should not be there. What is going on is not clear, but it is rumored that he has been hacked. At the same time there is the story that it is just him himself.

Anyway, things are not going well with Park’s socials. That leads to tensions at Disney, which generally try to work only with people who are not discredited. Just look at the (now reversed) dismissal of James Gunn Bee Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or the doubts surrounding a return of Johnny Depp for more Pirates of the Caribbean.

Nothing is official yet, so we cannot draw any conclusions. But rumors of a live-action role for Darth Maul in more Star Wars have been there longer. If that were correct then Park’s actions would not be useful anyway.

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