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Available on LP and CD


Fish call mussels birds
Next door
In the center of the roundabout
I am sleeping

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With her
storm warning
my people
what is in front of me

After his last solo album, released in 2010, Rüdiger Bierhorst releases an unusual record and sings on his new album about depression, fear, melancholy and lovesickness – and draws hope from it.

Appears as LP + CD on Waldinsel Records. The long time between his last and this album is probably due to his success in his group “Monsters Of Liedermaching”, which reached the TOP20 of the German album charts in 2012 with “Schnaps und Cookies”.
If you saw yourself invited by Bierhorst solo and as part of the Monsters Of Liedermaching to blissful sing-along nights in the past, it was now time for an “unusual record”, as he says himself. Rather, Bierhorst is a storyteller here, leaving room for moods and images in which one can go on a journey of discovery, but can also leave it alone. But he definitely doesn’t want to appear too clever.
He prefers to let his thoughts flow freely into a guitar atmosphere and relies on his very own sound, just like role models like Pink Floyd or Peter Gabriel did. With his playfulness in harmony and opulence, he is almost reminiscent of the supergroups of the seventies. It is an album that only addresses feelings such as depression, fear, melancholy and lovesickness, without becoming touchy-feely or lamenting a hopelessness.
On the contrary, for him it is a positive album that celebrates love and hope, and maybe because of that.

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