“Roots, paths, changes and landmarks”: Book about Neppendorf


Under the title “Roots, Paths, Changes and Landmarks. Neppendorf – personalities from the past and present of a German community from Transylvania / Romania ”, my compatriot from Neppendorf, Pastor Erwin Köber, has published a book about the landmarks of our hometown as well as the unmistakable peculiarities and characteristics of its German residents in the course of their past and present. His guiding principle for the work on the book was the statement of the church historian Adolf von Harnack (1851-1939): “Everything we are and have – in the higher sense – we have from history, of course only from what has had a consequence in it and continues to have an effect today ”.

With a view to the past and present of Neppendorf, its people, its interest groups in the town and beyond its borders, as well as the biographies and works of current and former Neppendorf German citizens, the author finds Harnacks’ statement largely applicable to his compatriots as well. Erwin Köber’s conclusions in the book are based on historically proven facts and current interviews with Neppendorfer compatriots. Until the 1960s, the place was the largest German rural community in Transylvania. Thereafter, Neppendorf was administratively assigned to Sibiu. The centuries-old close proximity to the city has also left its mark on the Neppendorf residents, promoting cooperation on an economic, political and cultural level and influencing each other. Erwin Köber’s book contains concrete examples of this fruitful togetherness in the areas mentioned and is therefore also worth reading for interested citizens of Sibiu.

As a former specialist history teacher in Neppendorf, Hermannstadt, Waldkraiburg and Burghausen, I pay my respects, appreciation and appreciation to Erwin Köber for his work. As a compatriot, I would like to thank him for his many decades of efforts to trace the work of our ancestors and to counter the forgetting of their works with a stumbling block, as well as for his commitment in our country team association and our Neppendorf hometown community.

With his book he wants to encourage his compatriots, but also other readers, to find their own identity by looking at their history and to provide an example. The book is a little over a hundred pages long and includes images of the text statements. The high-quality book can be obtained from the author, phone: (0 62 54) 95 93 18, at a price of 18.00 euros plus shipping.

Mathias Möss

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