Roof Fest kicks off rooftop concert season

ROOF FEST is an unusual summer multi-genre festival of concerts on the roof, which will be held for the twelfth time in St. Petersburg and the eighth time in Moscow. This summer, Lolita, Eva Polna, IOWA, Vyacheslav Butusov, Dances Minus and other popular performers will perform outdoors at venues in the two capitals. Yolka will open the season in St. Petersburg on May 31, and the IOWA group on June 15 on the renovated VK GIPSY terrace in Moscow.

Roof Fest is a St. Petersburg atmospheric musical project that combines the hallmarks of the cultural capital in its concept: endless summer sunsets, live favorite music and, of course, the romance of rooftops. For 12 years, ROOF FEST has already held more than 300 events, including concerts by Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan, The Hatters, Surganova and the Orchestra, Symphonic Cinema, Diana Arbenina. Night Snipers, Bi-2, Polina Gagarina, Therr Maitz and many others.

In St. Petersburg concerts are traditionally held in Roof Placeon the embankment of the art cluster Brusnitsyn, on the roof, which offers an incredible view of the Gulf of Finland. Here, starting from May 31, will perform Yolka, IOWA, Vyacheslav Butusov and “Order of Glory”, Eva Polna, Stigmata, Lolita, Thomas Mraz, MOT, “Dance Minus” and many others.

In Moscow, the venues of the festival will be a club VK GIPSY with one of the largest terraces in Moscow and Fantomas Rooftop on Bolotnaya Embankment, where in the new season they will perform IOWA, Lolita, Thomaz Mraz, “Dancing minus” and others.

An evening with friends at the ROOF FEST festival with your favorite music in the atmosphere of St. Petersburg sunsets on the roof of Roof Place will definitely decorate this summer and become its brightest event! You can join and find out the current list of upcoming concerts in your city on the website.

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Kirill Darovskikh, CEO of ROOF FEST:

“We are happy to announce the start of the new season of the Rooftop Concert Festival ROOF FEST! For 12 years, our fest has become a space that has united hundreds of thousands of people. We listen to our favorite music – the one that gives us hope and faith, makes us worry and consoles, under which we fell in love and cried. Every summer we gather on open rooftops in St. Petersburg and Moscow to hear our favorite artists and watch the sunset. To absorb the warmth of the passing day and the joy of those around you and save, or maybe give it to your loved ones.

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